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El Paso Electric Refrigerator/Freezer Rebate Offers Great Start on Cool Savings

April 06, 2010

El Paso Electric customers can now qualify for up to a $315 rebate toward replacing older refrigerators and freezers with newer, Energy Star certified units, as long as they have the older ones picked up for free and recycled to receive an additional $30 reward.

The rebate offer is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, known as ARRA. Part of the federal stimulus package, ARRA encourages people to save money on electrical costs by upgrading to more energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers. At the same time, it helps maintain and build green jobs through the safe recycling of older refrigerators.

If customers have an older, working refrigerator or freezer, they are probably losing up to $150 a year in wasted electricity. That’s because older units are far less energy efficient than newer, Energy Star certified refrigerators and freezers. To get started, they can call 1-877-643-1956 or visit to find out more and schedule a pickup time for the older appliance. A check for $30 will be mailed within four to six weeks after the older appliance is picked up.

Texas residents can reserve the $315 rebate toward a new, Energy Star rated refrigerator and freezer by visiting the “Texas Trade Up” offer online at Rebate funds are limited, so acting quickly is advised. The rebate check is mailed after a new refrigerator or freezer is purchased.

The El Paso Electric offer also gives customers an effective way to do their share to protect the environment. Refrigerators and freezers picked up through the program are recycled by JACO Environmental, which prevents them from ending up in landfills. JACO recycles 95 percent of each refrigerator for use in a variety of other products, while also safely extracting toxins found inside refrigerators that include contaminated oils, mercury and CFCs that both deplete the ozone layer and accelerate global warming.

“For El Paso Electric customers, it’s a threefer — they save money from less energy use, they make money for having their older refrigerator or freezer recycled and they get a big rebate toward the purchase of a new, Energy Star unit,” said Araceli Perea, Program Coordinator at El Paso Electric. “It’s a unique opportunity, but people need to take advantage of it quickly.”

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