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El Paso Electric Special Services for Low-Income Customers

July 13, 2009

El Paso’s hot summers may be especially difficult for those on fixed incomes and limited budgets. In an effort to help low-income customers who may be having difficulty making ends meet this summer, El Paso Electric offers several programs that provide assistance. El Paso Electric customers who would like additional information can visit the El Paso Electric website at or call El Paso Electric in Texas at (915) 543-5970 and in New Mexico at (505) 526-5555.

Project Care
Project Care is a cash relief program helping families with financial emergencies to pay a month’s electric bill. Funds for the program are obtained through donations from El Paso Electric customers and are matched by EPE shareholders.

Texas Low-Income Rider
Bills from El Paso Electric include a monthly customer charge of $4.50. Texas residential customers who have a Lone Star Card or a total annual household income at or below 125% of the federal poverty level can qualify for a discount. Customers who qualify will not be charged the $4.50 customer charge. This special rate is called the Low-Income Rider.

Deferred Payment Plan Agreement
The Deferred Payment Plan is a temporary agreement designed to provide assistance during a financial crisis. With this plan, your service will not be disconnected if you pay your current bill when it’s due and also pay a calculated portion of the outstanding bill in installments until the outstanding bill is paid in full, usually within three months.

Level Payment Plan
The Level Payment Plan allows you to pay your electric bill with a scheduled amount each month. Your payment amount is calculated by taking your yearly usage and dividing it by 12. To be eligible for the Budget Billing Plan, you must have a satisfactory credit history.

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