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El Paso Electric Partners with Schools and Local Governments to Implement Energy-Saving Projects in Texas

January 13, 2009

Within the past year energy conservation projects have been implemented in 12 school districts, 3 institutions of higher education, the City of El Paso and the County of El Paso as part of El Paso Electric’s sponsorship of the Texas Schools and Cities Conserving Resources (SCORE) Program. SCORE was created to help school districts, higher education institutions and municipal governments identify energy-efficiency opportunities in existing and new buildings. The Program provides technical support for the planning and implementation of energy efficiency upgrades at no cost to the partner organization. It also provides cash incentives for reductions in peak demand.

The El Paso Electric SCORE Program supports energy efficiency improvement projects through the following five steps:

  • Energy Performance Benchmarking for existing buildings.
  • Energy Master Planning Workshops to help organizations form a long-term strategy for improving efficiency, using industry best practices.
  • Technical Assistance to help identify and evaluate energy-efficiency opportunities.
  • Cash Incentives ($150 per kW) for renovation, new construction, and maintenance projects that reduce peak electricity demand.
  • Communications Support to help publicize the organization’s leadership and accomplishments in energy efficiency.

To date, El Paso Electric’s SCORE Program is responsible for:

  • 1,272 in peak kW reduction
  • 2,845,834 in annual kilowatt-hour reduction
  • $334,568 in incentives paid to partner organizations
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